Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Crush Bonspiel Makes Its Debut in Rosevelle

The annual Crush Bonspiel is scheduled to make its first debut in Roseville at Skatetown Ice Arena! What makes this event unique is that Skatetown has never hosted curling before, making The Bonspiel a first-time curling event for the Placer Valley region.  Free to the public, the competition begins August 31 at 8:00am and culminates in the Championship game on Sunday afternoon.

Approximately 144 curlers will attend the 2012 Bonspiel, mostly traveling from outside Northern California including eastern Canada, British Columbia, Scotland, the East Coast and Southern California.

Established in 2007, The Crush Bonspiel has become so popular that all 36 team slots were compeltely full 72 hours after the Wine Country Curling Club [WCCC] sent out the 2012 tournament announcements.

Curling Olympians Debbie McCormick, Edith Coudon [Perth, Scotland] and Pat McDonald [Paralympic Curler] will be competing as well.  Both McCormick and Coudon have curled in The Bonspiel when it was originally held in Vacaville, CA.

Originating in Scotland in the 16th century, curling has since become an international sport.  The opening ceremonies for The Crush Bonspiel will tap into curling's rich history by incorporating bagpipers. A high school brigade from Vacaville will pipe the players out onto the ice.  After playing one or two tunes the head bagpiper and the head head of the Bonspiel committee will toast on the ice and wish everyone luck.

There is excitement about the club's growth and expansion possibilities, including the frequency of the Bonspiel, as well as the likelihood for it to grow or lead to larger, additional events.  The long-term vision of WCCC in hosting the Bonspiel is to host national curling events.  Although WCCC has not previously pursued this, they are currently working with Placer Valley Tourism in submitting bids for these types of events.

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