Saturday, September 28, 2013

National Teen Leadership Program's Diversity and Leadership Day October 19

On Saturday, October 19th, the National Teen Leadership Program will provide an amazing day of leadership, fellowship and diversity training to students in Sacramento during their 5th Annual Diversity Day!

Fun, insightful, intense and life-changing, this full-day workshop will bring about a positive change in every person who attends. Themes include bias awareness, cliques, bullying, hate speech, cultural awareness and so much more.

Inter-active throughout, small group sessions and audience participation keep everyone interested, involved and engaged.

Diversity trainer and speaker, Mr. Calvin Terrell, has mastered the art of effective diversity training helping hundreds of schools and organizations to measurably decrease violence, hate speech and prejudice of all kinds. For over a decade, his impact on his listeners has been profound and his life has inspired millions through his “Chicken Soup for the Soul” story.  Calvin’s clients include Harpo Communications (Oprah’s company), law enforcementand educational institutions. Poetic and candid, Calvin opens his spirit and that of his listeners as he disarms the powers of intolerance and injustice. His efforts for students are unparalleled and Calvin’s activism has garnered him multiple awards from educational, religious and civic organizations.

The cost per person is only $39 and includes lunch and materials! Professional coordination and break out sessions will be hosted by the award-winning National Teen Leadership Program. Their low rate is due to the generosity of their co-host, Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce.
  • Space is limited!  Only $39 per person.
  • Saturday, October 19 - Registration is required
  • 9:00am to 4:30p.m. /5:00p.m. - Check in at 8:30a.m.
  • Rancho Cordova City Hall, 2729 Prospect Park Dr, Rancho Cordova
  • Attendees are high school students (including 8th graders), college students, teachers, and advisors - interested parents are also welcome to attend.  (In the event of a full program, students will be given first priority).
Please visit their website at to register or call 800-550-1950 for more information.

Blog Post information and picture courtesy of the National Teen Leadership Program

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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Folsom Family Expo Is Tomorrow From 10-3!

The Folsom Family Expo is tomorrow, and Style Magazine is looking for the area's cutest kids!!!

Enter your child in the Cutest Kids Contest at the Folsom Family Expo and you will see them in Style Magazine!

That's right, EVERY SINGLE CHILD entered in the Cutest Kids Contest will appear in Style Magazine's May 2014 issue!

Just attend the Folsom Family Expo tomorrow, September 28th, from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the Folsom Community Center and get your child's photo taken by K. Walker Photography!

It's FREE to enter! Plus, you'll get a FREE 8 x 10 digital print of your child's photo!

The voted winners (one boy and one girl) will be featured in Style Magazine’s May 2014 issue and will receive a family pack of gift certificates, including a $30 gift certificate to Starlight Starbright! Children must be under 12 years of age to enter.

While you're at the Folsom Family Expo, enjoy FREE admission, FREE parking, FREE face painting, FREE bounce houses, FREE entertainment, FREE entrance to the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary and much more!

We look forward to seeing all of the cute kids tomorrow at the Folsom Family Expo!

For more information, visit

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pete's Restaurants Joining Keaton Raphael Memorial To Raise Money For Childhood Cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and for the entire month Pete’s Restaurants has joined with Keaton Raphael Memorial (KRM) to help fight back and extend awareness through the Sacramento region.

All proceeds have benefited KRM and local children battling cancer along with their families. Donation cards are available in every check presenter for $1, $5, or open amount donation options through the end of September; ask server or management for details.

The campaign kicked off September first with all nine Pete’s Restaurant locations participating; Auburn, Elk Grove, Lincoln, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Midtown Sacramento and Natomas.

All locations have been accepting donations during September to go towards local organization, Keaton Raphael Memorial, where they are devoted to helping kids with cancer and their families through financial, educational and emotional support, while building awareness and fund for a cure.

The Keaton Raphael Memorial was established in 1998 following the death of 5-year old Keaton after his courageous nine-month battle with neuroblastoma. Since then, the charity has raised more than $1 million for UC Davis pediatric cancer research and helped over 1200 families through their child’s battle against cancer.

 “We are very proud of the positive difference that our hard-working volunteers and generous donors have made over the years to impact the lives of so many,” said KRM Executive Director, Teresa Hofhenke. “And yet each child facing and fighting cancer reminds us why we must continue these efforts with ever-increasing resolve.”

This Monday, September 30th, join the Keaton Raphael Memorial at the Granite Bay location of Pete's Restaurant & Brewhouse for a wrap-up celebration!

For more information on the Keaton Raphael Memorial, please visit

Blog Post information and picture courtesy of the Keaton Raphael Memorial.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tips For Entering Your Child Into Style's Cutest Kids Contest THIS Saturday

Are you entering your child in our Cutest Kids Contest?

Do not miss the Folsom Family Expo THIS Saturday from 10a.m. to 3p.m. at the Folsom Community Center!

EVERY single child entered into the Cutest Kids Contest, photographed by K. Walker Photography, will appear in Style's May 2014 issue.

Check out 10 tips for better portraits with your children from K. Walker Photography:

1. What should your child wear?
 For our Cutest Kid Contest, we will be using a neutral white back...ground, so any color is fine. We are focusing on the face of your child so consider choosing a color that compliments their eyes. Don’t forget that clothes need to be comfy for them too. Avoid clothing that doesn’'t lay right or requires lots of adjustments such as hoodies or big collars. Clothing should be clean and wrinkle free.

2. When is a good time to arrive for pictures?
Choose a time to arrive for your photos when your child has been well rested and fed. You want them in their happiest mood. In our studio we always schedule babies and toddlers in the morning hours, we find that is when they are the most relaxed and happy.

3. What to bring?
Bring a brush or comb for last minute adjustments. Bring wipes to make sure their little face is clean and fresh. Bring a treat to reward them for good behavior when they are done. Don’t bring props to include the picture, none are needed.

4. That is not your smile... 
Please do no’t coach your child once they are in front of the camera unless you see bad behavior that our photographer can’t control. Children are eager to please and will willingly give genuine smiles to a photographer if they are comfortable and happy with where they are. We are pros at making a child giggle and laugh.

5. Hair
Bring along clips or bows if you wish. Hats are not encouraged as they are difficult to photograph and will distract from your child’s face.

6. Rashes, Bumps and Bruises
Minor retouching will be included on the final image submitted, so if your child has a small scratch, bump or bruise it is simple to remove. We are looking for cuteness! Not perfection!

7. Distractions
Please don’t use toys or noise makers in the background. Please try to not coach them. Our photographer is skilled at getting a child’s best expression. Let the photographer do her job.

8. Babies That Can’t Sit Up and Toddlers
If your child can’t sit up or is not able to sit still, you may be asked to hold your child in your lap for their support. We promise you won'’t be in the picture!

9. Smiles Vs. No Smiles
Sometimes a big smile is not the best expression of your child. If your child is not going to smile, please don'’t worry, even a little serious face can be incredibly cute! We might even try coaxing a mad face or a monster face out of them.

10. No cell phone, video camera or regular cameras permitted.
Please be respectful and do not use your cell phone, video cameras and regular cameras during the time your child is being photographed. It is a distraction to both your child and the photographer. You would also be violating Style Magazine and K. Walker Photography's copyrights.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday! For more information please visit

 Blog Post information courtesy of K. Walker Photography.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 Taste of Capay October 20

You are invited to the 2013 Taste of Capay, located at the Historic Oakdale Ranch, on Sunday, October 20, from 2 - 6 p.m.

The Historic Oakdale Ranch is located at 17601 CR 86A in Esparto, CA.

Enjoy Cache Creek Casino Resort prepared local foods, local wine tasting, silent & live auction items and live entertainment!

There will also be historic exhibits and farming equipment on display display.

Proceeds go to support Capay Valley Vision & Capay Valley Grown. Tickets are $60.

For additional information call Maya at (530) 867-5603, or email

Blog Post information and picture coutesy of Historic Oakdale Ranch.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Learn How To Get Free Braille And Talking Books For The Visually Impaired At The Folsom Library

The Folsom Library doesn’t house Braille materials – so where do visually impaired people who need them go?

Elena Thomason will tell you how you can have Braille items delivered free to your home, and demonstrate Braille and talking materials at the Friends of the Folsom Library 20th-Anniversary Celebration September 28, 10 a.m. to noon. She’ll be joined by her golden retriever Guide Dog, Tahoe.

Braille is a system of translating printed material into raised dots that trained people can read by touch. The California State Library’s Braille and Talking Book Library in downtown Sacramento lends Braille and talking books and periodicals to visually impaired people.

The materials are delivered electronically or by mail, and everything is free, including the equipment and return postage. The service is mandated by the National Library Services of the Library of Congress.

You don’t have to be blind to receive the special materials. Anyone who cannot read for a variety of reasons, such as nerve damage or dyslexia, and has a doctor’s authorization is eligible to borrow materials from the Braille and Talking Book Library.

“I want people to know that just because they can’t see doesn’t mean they have to be isolated from print material,” Thomason said. “I think it’s so important to read.”

Thomason was born with glaucoma and cataracts. She had progressively waning vision until she became totally blind at age 8. Almost immediately, she began learning Braille. Today, she is an expert, passing her fingers over the thick dotted pages almost as quickly as the eye can follow.

Her skill has enabled her to enjoy a long, successful career as a certified Braille translator, using special software to create Braille documents for such clients as Regional Transit Paratransit and the California Council for the Blind and to translate menus for the Old Spaghetti Factory. Restaurants are required to offer Braille menus to visually impaired readers.

She also is a computer whiz, using software that reads aloud her documents and emails. Her newest project is a book she is co-writing that covers 12 steps for living with low vision. The book will provide practical information, in “layman’s language,” on such topics as how to develop your other senses, where to obtain resources and how to work with family members.

A lot of material is available to help visually impaired people read, Thomason says, but few libraries carry them. That’s a mistake, she says. “With the baby boomers growing older, more and more people have eye-related diseases.”

Blog Post information and picture courtesy of  Friends of the Folsom Library.

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