Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tips For Entering Your Child Into Style's Cutest Kids Contest THIS Saturday

Are you entering your child in our Cutest Kids Contest?

Do not miss the Folsom Family Expo THIS Saturday from 10a.m. to 3p.m. at the Folsom Community Center!

EVERY single child entered into the Cutest Kids Contest, photographed by K. Walker Photography, will appear in Style's May 2014 issue.

Check out 10 tips for better portraits with your children from K. Walker Photography:

1. What should your child wear?
 For our Cutest Kid Contest, we will be using a neutral white back...ground, so any color is fine. We are focusing on the face of your child so consider choosing a color that compliments their eyes. Don’t forget that clothes need to be comfy for them too. Avoid clothing that doesn’'t lay right or requires lots of adjustments such as hoodies or big collars. Clothing should be clean and wrinkle free.

2. When is a good time to arrive for pictures?
Choose a time to arrive for your photos when your child has been well rested and fed. You want them in their happiest mood. In our studio we always schedule babies and toddlers in the morning hours, we find that is when they are the most relaxed and happy.

3. What to bring?
Bring a brush or comb for last minute adjustments. Bring wipes to make sure their little face is clean and fresh. Bring a treat to reward them for good behavior when they are done. Don’t bring props to include the picture, none are needed.

4. That is not your smile... 
Please do no’t coach your child once they are in front of the camera unless you see bad behavior that our photographer can’t control. Children are eager to please and will willingly give genuine smiles to a photographer if they are comfortable and happy with where they are. We are pros at making a child giggle and laugh.

5. Hair
Bring along clips or bows if you wish. Hats are not encouraged as they are difficult to photograph and will distract from your child’s face.

6. Rashes, Bumps and Bruises
Minor retouching will be included on the final image submitted, so if your child has a small scratch, bump or bruise it is simple to remove. We are looking for cuteness! Not perfection!

7. Distractions
Please don’t use toys or noise makers in the background. Please try to not coach them. Our photographer is skilled at getting a child’s best expression. Let the photographer do her job.

8. Babies That Can’t Sit Up and Toddlers
If your child can’t sit up or is not able to sit still, you may be asked to hold your child in your lap for their support. We promise you won'’t be in the picture!

9. Smiles Vs. No Smiles
Sometimes a big smile is not the best expression of your child. If your child is not going to smile, please don'’t worry, even a little serious face can be incredibly cute! We might even try coaxing a mad face or a monster face out of them.

10. No cell phone, video camera or regular cameras permitted.
Please be respectful and do not use your cell phone, video cameras and regular cameras during the time your child is being photographed. It is a distraction to both your child and the photographer. You would also be violating Style Magazine and K. Walker Photography's copyrights.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday! For more information please visit

 Blog Post information courtesy of K. Walker Photography.

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