Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blue Line Gallery Celebrates 50 Years of Studio Glass Making in America

The Blue Gallery is honored to present a look at local artists working in glass in celebration of 50 years of studio glass making in the America.

To celebrate this milestone and recognize talented artists,  Tony Natsoulas has curated an exhibition that includes 18 local glass artst working in a variety of techniques.

Artists in the show are: Lanny Kilchrist (Sacramento), Mark Abildgaard (Woodland), Paul DiPasqua (Chico), Wayne Fong (Sacramento), Tim Lazer (Sacramento), Lynda Lazer (Sacramento), Janet Nicholson and Rick Nicholson (Auburn)  Michelle Knox (San Francisco Bay Area), Susan Longini  and Kathleen Elliot (San Francisco Bay Area), Monica Boettcher (Santa Rosa), Robert Herhusky (Chico) , Phil Teefy (Sacramento), Andre Gayet (Sacramento), Mary Rose (Sacramento), Richard Silver (Los Angeles), Patrick Collentine and Susan Larsen (Chico).

You will be delighted by the visual party of colors, textures and transparent play of light in this exhibition. The show will  have a wide variety of techniques including; casting, blowing, fusing and construction.
  • WHAT: 50 Years of Studio Glass in America Exhibition and Competition
  • WHEN: September 27 –  November 10
  • WHERE: Blue Line Gallery, 405 Vernon Street, Roseville
  • WHY: To share fine glass  artwork, benefiting the artist community and educational arts efforts
About Tony Natsoulas:
Natsoulas brings years of experience and named by the Smithsonian as one of the top 100 craft artists in the United States, he has worked with and shown alongside some of the finest contemporary American artists of our time. The northern California native is known internationally for his unconventional ceramics, especially for his large-scale, often whimsical figurative work.

Roseville Arts’ Blue Line Gallery is a non-profit community center for the arts.  Further information can be found on their website, or by calling (916) 783-4117.

Blog Post information and picture courtesy of Blue Line Gallery

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