Wednesday, December 18, 2013

January Exhibit At The Gallery At 48 Natoma

Abstract art dates back to the early 1900’s when artists began to paint abstract art as a result of a deliberate artistic and philosophical development. 

Two acclaimed artists’ work in different media will be showcased in this time-honored style in the next exhibit at the Gallery at 48 Natoma in Folsom, Abstracts in Fiber and Paint.

Joe Strickland will exhibit his newest series of paintings in mixed-media, and Joan Dyer will show her unique fabric art. The exhibit opens on January 24 and continues through March 6, 2014.

Strickland has been recognized for his unique use of multiple mediums in his work; pushing a medium in order to uncover an inventive method of using it in unconventional means.

Joe Strickland’s paintings are water-based pigments mixed with oil resulting in incredible textures, values and hues. His unique technique combined with a background in serigraphy has inspired him to push the boundaries to invent new ways of expression in the fine art of printmaking.

Joan Dyer’s fabric art is created entirely by an intuitive process, with which she builds her designs fairly quickly and freely. All of her art quilts are her original designs, generally depicting abstract forms from nature.  Joan Dyer’s style has evolved utilizing curved piecing and organic shapes, generally with warm colors.  “I learned traditional methods of piecing by hand when I began this journey with fabric, but soon began to enjoy the design phase of fabric artistry.”

Dyer’s collection of fabrics includes mostly her own hand-dyed and hand-painted cottons and silks.  Fabrics with various surface designs, using discharge and resist techniques, are often included.  She collects a wide variety of unique pieces including African and Asian batiks, home decorator fabrics, and interesting pieces from around the world.
For more information about the exhibit and the Gallery at 48 Natoma, click here.

Blog Post information and picture courtesy of the Gallery at 48 Natoma.

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