Monday, June 28, 2010

Last Call For Pet Photos!

Make sure you submit your pet's photo real quick! We at Style are making last calls for entries for the pet photograph contest! Whether it be gerbil or greyhound, we would love to see them! They also have a chance at being our cover star.
It's past the date, so please send in your pet's photos by today!

Please send your submission(s) directly to

When you send your photo(s) please make sure that it's high-resolution -- if you're unsure if it's high-resolution, send it on over to us and we'll let you know.

While we can't ensure that each submission will be featured, we will feature as many photos as we possibly can.

Please be sure to include the names of all the humans and the animals featured in the picture; and let us know where you live so that if we can include the photo, we can be sure to put it in the correct magazine covering your local area.

For some inspiration, check out some of the fabulous pet stars of our August 2009 pet issue!

El Dorado County Foothills

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