Thursday, August 9, 2012

10th Annual International Jug Band Festival

The always FREE 10th Annual International Jug Band Festival returns to Sutter Creek on August 18th, from 11a.m. until 9p.m. Jug Bands from as far away Japan have joined in on the festivities!

This humble, intimate small town festival has, utterly unexpectedly, set off the fourth great national revival of jug band music.

Jug band music has, for over a hundred years, served as an incubator for blues, ragtime and jazz music, and more recently, for modern folk-rock music. Using empty whisky jugs, washboards, washtubs rigged up with broomsticks and clothes line for improvised basses, spoons and bones, saws played with a discarded fiddle bow, comb and tissue paper, kazoos and banjos....these musicians will definitely astound you and make your feet jump to the music!

There will be a children’s workshop, Bryn & Megan of Liquor Cake will help young and old make and play your own instruments from found objects and household items and, with Rick and Heidi of 5 Cent Coffee, make a diddley-bow and a homemade kazoo. It’s a big, fun, entertaining (and even educational) musical celebration, so you’re invited to come early and stay late.

Enjoy a peaceful, entertaining afternoon  and evening in the fresh air on the lawn of California’s first Bed and Breakfast Inn, the Sutter Creek Inn and have the time of your life.

For more information contact Banjo Andy 209-567-5967, or Jugman Wayne Hagen at 530-400-8882

Blog Post information and picture courtesy of the International Jug Band Festival.

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