Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween is No Treat for Pets!

People may find it deliciously fun to be scared – but your pets do not!

Doorbells ringing, kids screaming, and strangers in costumes can be stressful for your dog or cat.

This Halloween, please keep the following in mind so your whole family can have a good holiday:

1) Don’t leave your pets outside on Halloween, and be sure they do not dart out through an open door. Shy pets should be kept in a separate room when trick-or-treaters visit.

2) Make sure your dogs and cats are wearing up-to-date and legible identification, just in case they do get out. The Placer SPCA strongly advises that all dogs and cats be microchipped, and offers microchip implants for only $20 during all business hours, or $15 during monthly microchip clinics.

3) Keep candy away from your pets. Chocolate in particular is poisonous to dogs, and all candy, not to mention foil and cellophane wrappers, are terrible for pets.

4) Be careful around lit pumpkins. Your curious kitten or puppy might be interested in it, and pets can knock them over.

5) Pet costumes can be adorable, but be sure your pet has the temperament for it. Costumes should not be constricting, cause your pets to trip, or obstruct their vision. If you do dress them up, monitor their stress and irritation levels and remove the costumes if they seem agitated.

If you have questions regarding animal care and behavior, please contact the Placer SPCA at (916) 782-7722 or (530) 885-7387 or visit

Blog Post information and picture courtesy of the Placer SPCA.

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