Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Gathering Inn's Interim Care Program Needs Your Help!

The Interim Care Program House in Auburn caught on fire in January.

Supported by Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region and Kaiser Permanente, the ICP House accepts discharged homeless patients from area hospitals. Guests can stay up to six weeks to recuperate from a surgery or illness before returning to the nomadic shelter or to permanent housing.

The ICP Program is a service that The Gathering Inn provides. For the past five years the ICP home on Shockley Avenue in Auburn provided a healing refuge, a sanctuary for the sick, and who also happened to be homeless.

The ICP House has kept many homeless patients from experiencing infection or re-injury while avoiding visits to the emergency room or re-admittance to the hospital. Last year was a banner year with 30 homeless guests finding refuge there.

Another home has been leased and they need your help since everything was lost in the fire. Below is a list of the items they desperately need to replace so they can move in March 1st.

Please keep our new ICP House in mind as you clean out your home!

Living area
1-love seat
2-recliner or side chairs
2-3 end tables
1-coffee table
Artwork for the walls
2- large (10x12) throw rugs
2- smaller throw rugs
1 large TV
4-table lamps
1-computer (lost in the fire)
1-printer (lost in the fire)

Lawn Mower
Yard Tools
Board Games
Wii Game system (lost in the fire)
Books/ no Romance Novels Please

Kitchen area
1-Large Refrigerator
1-Large Freezer – have one
1-Dinning table with 4 or more chairs –have one
Dishes –cups, plates, bowls, drinking glasses
Pots and Pans
Cooking utensils- knives, spatulas, ETC.
Mixing bowls
Cutting boards
Coffee Pot
Tea Pot
Kitchen Garbage can

1-shower curtain
1-shower chair
12-18 white bath towels, wash clothes and hand towels
4-bath matt’s
6-Twin beds
12- pillows
6 –Twin blankets
6- Twin sheet sets
6- Twin bed spreads
1-queen sheet set - have one
1- queen blanket
1-queen bed spread – have one
4-night stands
4–televisions – have 2
4-table lamps

Please call Gabby at 916-791-9355, or you can email her at gabby@thegatheringinn.com for pick-up or drop-off information. For more information on The Gathering Inn, please visit thegatheringinn.com.

Blog Post information and picture courtesy of The Gathering Inn/ICP.

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