Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"I Want Candy!" Presented By Ballet Folsom This Weekend

Something sweet is coming to the Sacramento region this weekend! A new story ballet entitled I Want Candy!, conceived by Joy Victor, formerly of the American Ballet Theatre, and Deirdre Hawkins, Artistic Director of Ballet Folsom. The concert takes place April 12 & 13, at the Jill Solberg Performing Arts Theater in Folsom, featuring the Ballet Folsom company dancers.

Joy Victor and Deirdre Hawkins share the choreography in bringing to life this endearing story ballet.  While the storyline is decidedly focused on a younger audience, there’s something for the adults as well. The story centers on the simple concept of fond memories associated with candy—the universal treat that everyone loves in one form or another.  I Want Candy! is a celebration of the happiness that candy brings to our lives.  “Candy sparks memories in all of us that are sentimental and heart-warming” said Joy Victor.

The story features a cast of characters including the Candy Man who invents a machine that will create any candy he desires. His helpers are the Candy Meisters and together they plan to present a show featuring many types of candy in dancer form. Each candy has a personality befitting their type of sweet treat.  Over twenty candies will be danced.

There are the flirty Conversation Hearts, elegant French Lavender Mints, exotic Turkish Rose Delights, sticky Gummy Bears, snooty chocolate Nonpareils (French for unparalleled), perky Starlight Mints and hard-edged Rock Candy.  The Candy Man’s plans go awry when the machine begins to malfunction and starts to produce Popcorn instead of candy. The Popcorn know they aren’t candy but want to be part of the production so they steal candies one-by-one to make themselves known to the audience.  Once the candy realizes the theft, they plan a little sweet revenge!

Ticket Prices: Adults: $20, Seniors: $18, Students: $15, Children: $10. Groups of 10 or more receive 10% off the ticket price.

The ballet will be performed Saturday, April 12, 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, April 13, 2:00 p.m. at the Jill Solberg Performing Arts Theater on the Folsom High School campus. Tickets may be purchased by logging on to stages-folsom.org or call the Stages office at (916) 355-8080.

 Blog Post information and picture courtesy of Ballet Folsom.

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